Smart configuration is required to augment return. Everything depends upon your utilization, your power limits, rooftop space and future objectives. This isn’t a cutout arrangement. We’ll tailor it to your business. USolar has helped clients cut their vitality charges by introducing sunlight based arrangements.

  • Speedy Return on investment!
  • Take advantage of the complete charge deductible rent alternatives or potentially devaluation just as getting paid for excess power produced on weekends or holidays.
  • Future-sealing against expanded power costs.
  • Show clients, you’re not kidding about your ecological impression.

Why USolar for your Business

  • Smart plan is required to maximize return. Almost depends upon your use, your power limits, rooftop space and future objectives. This isn’t a cutout arrangement.USolar has helped clients cut their vitality charges by introducing sun-powered arrangements.
  • USolar gladly conveys altered solar solutions for organizations with no capital required.
  • We will work with you to build up the correct framework type and size to address your issues.
  • We dedicate the time and assets to guarantee you can depend on both industry-driving mastery and aggressive evaluating. Better genuine feelings of serenity begins with USolar.
  • USolar drives you through each progression of the procedure with complete straightforwardness.
Expert Designers

USolar use expert designers to design solar PV for business users.

Holistic Approach

USolar is a turnkey solar provider, handling everything from project management to engineering and financial analysis. We have an intimate knowledge of energy policy, federal and state solar incentives, and diverse financing options — and our solar experts that can help you to get the most from each.

Greater Value

Our combination of experience, approach and design offers greater value from the moment your system is installed and makes our solutions a sound investment.

Solar Purchase Options

Direct Ownership

You own a solar PV system using capital funds. Businesses have limited funds and getting solar may not be the top business priority. Direct ownership has following pros and cons.


  • Outright ownership
  • GST benefits
  • Tax depreciation benefits


  • Large capital outlay
  • Long payback of 4-6 years
Operating Lease

Operating leases are designed to provide a fixed monthly repayment similar to an energy-efficiency loan however provide an ability for the company deduct repayments. USolar help you secure the appropriate capital or operating lease for a solar system through our financial partners. This allows you to obtain up to 100% financing so you can use your capital elsewhere.


  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Potentially cashflow positive
  • Fixed term
  • Own the system after the term


  • No ownership until end of the term
  • Fixed term liability on business may impact the borrowing capacity

Our Full Service Approach

Feasability Commercial Solar Installation

Comprehensive analysis by one of our expert consultants & no obligation quote

Financing Commercial Solar Installation

We assist you to choose the best finance option for your business

System Design Commercial Solar Installation
Site Inspection

One of our local installation teams will conduct a thorough inspection of your premises

Site Inspection Commercial Solar Installation
System Design

Our award winning engineering team will engineer a custom design for your system

Utility Grid Approval Process

Your dedicated Project Manager will organise and complete all required approvals for the installation

Accredited Commercial Solar Installation
Accredited Local Installation

High quality installation by one our local fully accredited installation teams with years of experience

Commissioning Commercial Solar Installation
Inspection & Commissioning

Our team will inspect and commission your system according to all requirements

Monitoring & Maintenance

We can provide you with ongoing monitoring & maintenance to ensure best ROI from your solar