How Solar PV Works

How do solar panels work?

The light particles of the sun are called photons and they are continuously travelling from the sun to earth.

A solar PV panel is comprised of solar cells or photovoltaic cells which are connected together. When sunlight strikes the solar panels, the photovoltaic cell produces direct current(DC) electricity.

But I guess, you require alternating current to power your home/commercial places. So there are other components that are attached to the solar energy system. i.e. Inverters

Inverters actually, convert DC electricity(produced by solar panels) into AC electricity. Different solar PV system have different set-ups for inverters.

There comes a Net Meter with the solar PV system set-up. Solar electricity runs through this net meter, which makes it comfortable for your home and other appliances as same the normal electricity that runs through your homes.

Sometimes, there is more power produced. You can store the excess power in the battery to use it later on.