The most important component of Solar PV System is Solar Inverter. You can say, it is CPU of solar pv system. It helps to convert DC electricity into AC electricity.
String inverters

Solar panels are installed in rows, each on a “string.” For example, if you have 20 panels you may have 4 rows of 5 panels. Multiple strings are connected to one string inverter. Each string carries the DC power the solar panels produce to the inverter where it’s converted into usable AC power consumed as electricity.

If you are installing solar panels on commercial-level, then you need several string inverters each receiving DC power from a few strings depending on the size of the installation. On the other hand, if you are installing solar panels on residential-level, then you need to have one string inverter.

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Central inverters
If you require to set-up large commercial solar pv systems,then definitely you should use central inverters. Central inverters are designed for power station sized solar systems. They can handle more power and are not used for residential or small commercial solar systems.
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A microinverter is a small inverter. They are installed on each panel. They are mostly good for shaded roofs as shade affecting one panel will not affect any other unshaded panels. For example- if one or more panels are shaded or are performing low, then the performance of remaining panels won’t be affected much. In comparison to string inverters, microinverters monitor the performance of each individual panel whereas string inverters show the performance of each string.
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Hybrid inverters
Hybrid inverters handles the conversion of DC power into AC power (i.e. the solar pv system is producing), which is further used for home purposes or any commercial use. The excess power is either fed into the electricity grid or it can be stored in the battery. We can draw it later on from the battery and convert this stored DC power into AC power.
Solar Inverters Melbourne Victoria